Saturday, April 18, 2009

○♥ singLes ○♥

uhmm..i dont know kng i have d right to write this but this is for d gurls out there hu wer thinking and feeling lonely not saying this just 2 insult u or anything but i just wanted 2 let you feel n kht n wla man special someone ngaun eh be grateful kc u have ur friends besides u n plage nndyn pra psayahin kau ^_^ i wrote this kc n inspired aq s post ni grace..i know n srap s feeling ng inluv..n theres someone hu cared and really loved u..and hears someone saying they luv u..peo sometimes when ur in a relationship xmpre hndi lht ng times eh msya..mron away tmapuhan..sometimes u would feel n sna wla k n lng s relationship n un..sometimes its so hard n gzt2 m n i let go..being in a relationship teaches u a lot..sharing, caring 4 someone, isipin mna ang iba bgo srili m..peo before m yn m tutunan dpt alm m n mnhal m mna srili..kc pag sisisihan m yn s huli..kpg nag mhal k wg m bgay lht..mag tira k pra s srili m..peo kht n mnsan gnun gnwa m at s huli nsktan k lng wg kng mtakot n bgay ulet luv m..

hndi nmn lht ng gurls ng2ing msya s luv lyf nla..kht mgnda k kht panget k..dont think n mnsan mgnda ung isng gurl tpos iniicp m n plage xa my bf..plage my nag ma2hal sknya..think of it 1st lht b ng guys serious? sure k b n lht ng nanligaw at nag mhal sknya eh d xa niloko..s 22o lng gurls are all d same wlang pretty wlng panget..ang n iba lng kng pnu cla mag handle ng isang relationship..i know this days ang mga guys kramihan prefer ang mga pretty girls..peo dont give up kht n ms mgnda xa sau pkita m..prove m s guy n mas worth it k..

im sure n someday someone mron isang guy n pra sau tlga..n whutever happens nndyn xa..mki2lala mo someday ung guy n kht n may away eh plage xa nndyn pra sau..someday mha2nap k dn nya..then i will realize n ung pag hi2ntay m sknya its all worth it..

if today wla man nanli2gaw sau or wla man lng nag kaka gusto sau ok lng yn im sure ung isang guy nndyn lng xa hnhntay m lng ung time n mag ka kilala kau..and kpg nkilala m n xa pa2ramdam nya sau kng gnu k kgnda pa2ramdan nya sau kng gnu k ka importante sknya..^__^


Relationship ?

Never get in a relationship if u do not know how to love urself
Never get in a relationship if u were only trying to toy with it
Never get in a relationship if u know ur brokenheart cant contain anyone
LOVE is happy LOVE is sad
LOVE is touching LOVE is hurting
NO matter wat LOVE is, human still cant runaway from LOVE
Cause the time they were borned into this world they are already receiving LOVE from their parents. :D haha
When love comes..
U may hurt someone, someone may hurt u.
Some will be blessed, some will be sad.Some maybe ignored, some may be treasured.
When love goes..
Some learn to let go, some choose to hold on.
Some stay strong, some commit sucide.
Life goes on for some, life turns hell for some.
Love seems scary but yet warm.. tender and sweet
When u are in love or out of love.
U must always have a positive thinking. Out of love is not the end of world.
[[tama nga naman haha]]
i miss the way [ayiiiee]
i miss the way nag papa-cute ka [haha]
i miss the way pakipot ka pa [haha]
i miss the way sasabihin mong "epal ka tlga!" xD
syempre ung pag sinabi nilang i love you ssbihin mo
"tlga lang ha" xD
isang araw parang mahal mo ko :)
isang araw hindi mo ko pinapansin
at parang wala lang ako sayo
sinabi mo na mahal mo ko nung isang araw
sabay isang araw sabi mo...
"uy loko lang yun ah... baka seryosohin mo"...[mhm]
nag seselos ako sa mga taong too close sayo
especially pag shinoshow mo sakanila afection mo
hindi sa makasarili ako or posesive
I'm just afraid you'll be too happy with them
that you'll forget about me [gnyan feeling ko minsan haha]
ano mas hard O.O
hoping that the one you love will fall for you?
trying to love someone who loves you?
[parehas lng wehh daya nito wahaha]
na inspired ako sa song ni Willie kaya i decided to post some love
I recommend yung song na
"kung para sayo" by Willie Revillame :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

▫¤▪ imvu 1st video ▫¤▪

XD just wanna share to you guys my first imvu video that i made
plz bare with me

im with my sis in imvu (miZsdAnGeR0uS) lex

wer planing 2 do another video ^__^