Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ilan oras na lng new year na… goodbye to 2008 and welcome to 2009!!!

Looking back to year 2008… 2008 brings me lot of memories, dito ko nakilala mga friends ko sa zwinky, hindi lng basta friends kundi yung masasabi kong friends that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Dyan sina sis istaline, grace, nicka, kris, jen, jeng, mark, Brandon, jhonnel, kyle, chel and of course my someone special… vince(cobbi) :D

So many names to mention, sorry po kung di ko na mention lahat basta alam nyo na kung sinu-sino kayo naging close saken =)

I hope this new year will bring us abundant blessings, more happiness, fulfillment of our dreams, good health to all of us, and a peaceful life.


▫♥▪goodbye 2008 hello 2009!!▫♥▪

blis tlga ng pnahon..2009 n!!! tpos d mya mya lng 2010 n haha..i hope n mgkroon tau ng msyang new yr together..sna..wlng mgbabago..i mean kung mbaet n kau wg kau mgbgo peo ung mga msa2ma dyn eh..mg bgong buhay n!hahaha...nga pla..kita kits tau s NEW YR VENUE..SERVER WHIZKID..pmnta kau maaga kc 4 sure maaga p lng puno n lht ng server..^__^ spend nten ang new s zwinky..msaya dun my mga confetti at stuff!! kya pnta n lng kau!!ok..^__^ happy new yr s inyo..!! at sna mgkroon tau ng peaceful at msayang yr!!!..wooh 2009!!..wla p lng mg dadala ng paputok hahaha..torotot lng pde ahaha.. XD!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Take a genius to... ™

Hi Guys,

It's time to pause in a short while and enjoy some interesting pictures below

Hmm... you need to hold the trigger to shoot someone or "?"

Bows,arrows,...and cellphones in the olden days?

N here comes I hope everyone's fav...

Wow! In those days,...Adidas? hmmm... branded pirate!

But not as stupid as...


e.e no comment :x e.e

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

▫¤▪ X-mas parTy pix ▫¤▪

sory ngaun q lng n post mga pics nten kc tinamad aq mg blogging this past days hahaha...peo et2 n ung mga pix!! stolen shoTs lng yta e2 haha!!.. at mdami nkmiz ng xmas party peo msaya p dn ^___^ kc ung iba nag reunion!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

...name nio ung nsa left side...right side kung cnu n bunot nio!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

people hu need 2 pick a number..plz hurry up..pra mtapos n!!..tzka kung d kau mk2 pnta sbhn nio pra d kme mag expect..sumali kau s exchange gift responsibilities nio yn..wg nio crain xchange gift nmen haiz =.=

nsa baba ung mga available numbers kya pili n =.=

u can tell me whut do u want as a gift coz a lot people asking whut should they get for d person..but plz..dont be sad kung hndi un ung nkuha nio..be thankful kht anu m recieve nio ok?..wer doing this just 4 fun and besides thats d meaning of xmas sharing and giving..^___^

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

○♥ BUNUTAN N!! ○♥

ATTENTION!! mga ksali s exchange gifts!!..pde n kaung pumili ng numbers pde nio lgay d2..mg comment lng kau tpos lgay nio anonymous tpos s end ng comment nio lgay nio name nio..s znote pde dn s ym pm nio lng aq..unahan 2 s no. kya ms mgnda kung maaga kau pipili!!..ung mga red numbers available p..ung mga green unavailable n!

01 02 03 04 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
30 31 32

Monday, December 15, 2008

▪☺▫exchange gifts!!▪☺▫

reminder about d xmas party!..ung mga hndi present s xmas party eh d m re2ceive gift nla..ayw nio nmn mngyari un db kya dpt nndun kau dpt PRESENT kau!!ok? so far hirs d list ng mga ksali..s exchange gift ^__^ if ur not sure kung mk2 ol kau ng DEC 21 2008 SUNDAY..sory mali pla ung nklgay s invitaion its sunday s philippines..3 pm!!...kung d kau sure n mk2 ol eh sbhn nio skn!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!..pde p kau mag p lista!!..

grace (not sure)
shelbie (im_so_phreash)
kyle(special haha..sory kyle!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

♪▪♫ xmas parTy♪▪♫

yup wer having a xmas party ^__^ bka s next saturday tau mag bunutan..tpos post q n lng d2 ung mga number pra kau n mismo mk kita kung cnu n bunot nio..wah!!..wag nio s2bhn kung cnu ung nbunot nio kc pnira un haha..d n suprise...bsta huh wag kau mwa2la dun!!..tzka s2bhn q n lng s lht ng ksali kung san tlga ung venue..wah!! xcited n aq!!...oi wlng magtatago huh!!..

isipin nio pasko time 4 giving and sharing..wag mging kuripot!!..tzka nga pla..ung gift eh 200 plus..pde syang hiwalay hiwalay n gmit bsta total eh 200..gets?..ok..mg hnda n kau ng gifts at..mga susuot nio!!..gagawin q n ngaun ung assign no. pra mk pili n kau agd..^__^ mgi2ng msaya ung xmas nten s zwinky ^__^ tpos picture picture xmpre kya dpt mg p gnda n kau at mag p gwapo!!..at xmpre hndi nwa2la ang best outfit..kya glingan nio..ang prize eh..zcard stuff n kht anung gzt2 nio worth 500 zcard!!..ou 500 zcard!!..kya mgnda 2!!..lht invited peo kung gzt2 nio sumali s exchage gift eh sbhn nio skn!...hnggng fri night n lng pde sumali!!..kya hurry! p lista n kau ok? mg leave lng kau ng msg dt2 o kya mg znote s prof q click me ms mdami ms msaya!!..yey!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

For GRaCiel ™

3ll0sz! hehe eto nnmn aq c grace kulelat ng cali haha xD
Belated Happy Birthday! hehe complete tlga :]
We love you Graciel !

Twenty years from now, i am gonna
look back and
remember that you were
that one person who
could turn every frown into a smile
in a few simple words;
that person who lifted my head
when i was losing faith in myself;
that one person who carried tears on
her shoulders after every fight,
every break up, every death;
that one person that accepted
every dicision i made,
that one person who knew
who i really was and
that one person that made the
biggest difference in my life...
My Best friend (youu)

I don't want you in my life,
I need you in my life.
hindi kita friend,
best friend kita
hindi kita gusto
mahal kita
nag papasalamat ako at nahanap kita
kasi I was absolutely
lost without you!
hehe english with tagalog haha
All 0f us

▫♥▪bday msg 4 sis graciel▫♥▪

sisters n tau cmula bata p lng tau haha!!hnggng s lumaki sisters p dn!!

sis happy bday! im really really really thankful that i met u..coz if i didnt wla sna akong sis ngaun n nag su2pport skn no matter what..ur always there 4 me and i promise you that ill be at your side 2 no matter what..ur one of the person that i will not forget 4 d rest of my life (i know thats kinda corny but believe me its true..^_^)..ur like my real sister..u gave me advices when i have pr0blems and tnx 4 that..eventhough its not a big thing,,.but it really helps me..i know we had a problems about guys recently..but i just realize that im still lucky coz eventhough that i lost him i will always have you ryt?..i know that ur not gonna leave me..i know that u luv me..haha..aminin ^__^ u do huh!..coz i do luv u 2 >.< (mukhang mxdo ng late ung msg q peo sbi nga nla better late than never!!) hehe..sis we've been sisters 4 a while now..but whenever i talk 2 u i felt that its just a beginning 4 d 2 of us..im loking 4ward 2 d memories n ga2win p nten together whether its a bad or good memory..ill always look 4ward 2 it. ^_^ i luv u sis as always..mwuah!.

sisters 4 ever

(ista and graciel)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

○♥ Happy Bday! ○♥

wah before xmas meon png isang event n ce2lebraTe at un ung bday ni graciel DEC 11, 08..DONT FORGET 2 GREET HER!!..this coming dec 11 shes gonna be 17 ^___^ sis..i wish u all d best and im very thankful that i met u..wah ok ok stop mna coz s bday m n lng ug iba ^__^ sis..sna mging happy k s bday m!!..yey..HAPPY 17TH bday!..gifT q sau sis cake hehe!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

♪▪♫ YEY !xmas ♪▪♫

xmas is almost hir..know how 2 celebrate it without someone??nyahahaha..xmpre with friendz..kht wla k someone this xmas msya p dn nmn..more time 4 studies more time 4 friendz and xmpre more time for urself..nyaha 22o lng xcited aq nu mga appliances la2bas this xmas s zwinky..kya kung aq s inyo maaga p lng eh mglaro n ng games at mg tipid n ng z card!!.pra shooping shopping n lng tau..at nga pla mga pinoyz dyn..png i2sipan nmen kung mg k2roon tau xmas party,,at bnblak dn nmen n mag k xchange gifts..cgurdong msya xmas n d2ting..kya magp kabait n pra my gift from santa haha..^__^ nga pla open kme s mga suggestions nio n pdeng gwin this xmas..alm q mxdo p maaga peo xenxa xcited lng haha..tzka nga pla my gngwa kmeng exclusive interviews s mga tga zwinky 17 below..abangan nio n lng ok?..hehehe..cge babush..xenxa d aq ngpapakita 2wing mon-thurs kc my psok and bc s skul..iwan nio n lng aq msg if u have something 2 ask or 2 say ok?..im doing my best n plage updated ang blog!..^__^ tc!


It has been a year since I joined zwinky and it brings me a lot of memories....joy, laughter, excitement, tears, etc.

First time I played zwinky was last Dec. 5, 2007... most of my friends were foreigners, i have not met any filipinos at that time, and i didn't know that there's also "kababayan" in zwinky. I stopped for a moment from playing then went back later part of January. To my surprised i saw fellow pinoys playing zwinky at lexi hall. Mark (x0x_cute_x0x) was one of the first pinoy i met in zwinky together with franz (killah_123), blessie (keziah_blessie), jen (unlisted), marvin (sarapina), hinnoh, etc. That was the time i became very active in playing and i'm happy i got so many friends.

Circle of friends grew inevitably. I even got one big family, married with mark, with daughters alexis (xoxo_23_xoxo) and hannah (lilgurl_hanna) they're twins, with lots of "ampon" , I have sister... ista (_istaline_) then later on anne (nice_ghurl) became our sis too.... my brother in-law brandon (rakiztahbaby, twin of mark)..... i also have pretty grandchild named sheika daughter of alexis in zwinky...a very close friend, Kristine (kindness-chan) known as the famous photographer of zwinktopia . They also have "lolo" in the person of vince (brandon_178). I remember our "puyatan, walang tulugan...matira matibay" last summer, we have so much fun, we were even awake until dawn. Our friendship grows deeper not only in zwinky but in real life too.

My marriage with mark didn’t workout....we separated for some reasons....it was my decision to broke up with him. Unfairness to him, he was such a good person, a very loving guy, i know he loves me so much but i regret...i can't return the kind of love he has given me, i have my own reason and he knows that....sorry mark =( ........ eventhough we're not together in zwinky we still remain good friend until now. Thanks mark for everything, for always being there for me, i appreciate it very much!!! =)

I have someone special, met him too in zwinky (not to mention his name....most of my friends knows who he was...) I love this guy very much, we became lover not in zwinky but in real life.... we were very happy, very much compatible, we always communicate almost everyday in ym, fs and thru txting, share our laughter, jokes, music, etc…. But sad to say....not everything goes well =( ... he did something that I have to make some crucial decision.... it was very hard for me to let him go ='( …… bec. until now I still love him. Well...that's life...everything happens for a reason, hope I can cope up with this and move on and be happy again... haist ='(

Well, that's my story. To all my friends I thanked you for being there for me...specially to my sis ista, tnx for all those encouraging words, for making me strong when i'm weak....love u so much sis!!! to my sis anne, i'm happy u became part of our family too. Mark...saludo ako sayo....hope u won't change....to brandon whom i usually address him as 'pre'....pre, tnx for everything, i consider u one of my closest friend in zwinky....to jhonnel, tnx also for being a good friend of mine. Sa lahat ng mga friends kong di ko nabanggit…lam nyo na kung sinu-sino kayo….basta lahat kayo…. thanks guys for being part of my life, I will treasure our friendship forever.